Wal Mart Investing In More Effective Mobile Marketing Strategies

Wal-Mart Investing in More Effective Mobile Marketing Strategies

The world’s largest retailer is sharpening its mobile marketing focus to increase customer convenience, helping them save not only time but also money while shopping.  Wal Mart Mobile

Wal-Mart recently unveiled its new mobile marketing strategy at the CTIA 2013: Mobile Marketing conference. The company has been at the forefront of mobile marketing in the retail sector, and has over the past few years, actually magnified its mobile marketing efforts.  The point at Wal-Mart has been to develop mobile tools that are useful to the average customer who walks into a Wal-Mart store.  The goal is not just to help them find the products that they need more easily, but also to help them find products that are affordable.

Wal-Mart estimates that more than 50% of its consumers walk into a store with smart phones.  The company also believes as ApporClick does, that customers who use mobile phone apps are much more active in using these applications in the store, compared to those who do not use apps.

The company says that almost 30% of its online Wal-Mart.com web traffic is driven by smartphone users.  In fact, according to the Wal-Mart experience, smartphone customers are some of the most loyal customers.  That is a huge advantage in the retail industry, where competition is fierce and customers have a wide variety of options to choose from.

The company has been experimenting with new and innovative ways to enhance the mobile shopping experience for customers.  It has developed a shopping list feature that is highly customer-centric, and boosts the shopping experience for customers.     For instance, customers can use this tool to check the price of a particular product, and determine which particular aisle in the store the product is located in.  The tool automatically calculates the customer’s running basket total, as they add new products to the cart.

Not only that, the company is also brainstorming ways that customer shopping can be further enhanced, so that the tool actually recommends products to customers when they walk into the store, and displays digital and manufactured coupons.

The Wal-Mart mobile experience is one that many companies can attest to.  By 2016, e-commerce sales could touch as much as $345 billion.  That works out to approximately 10% of all total retail sales.  Of this, smart phone-based sales or mCommerce will touch approximately $27 billion.  Sales made through smartphones using mobile apps are likely to account for approximately 8% of all e-commerce sales.  Companies that ignore these statistics do so at their own peril.   Bill Heneghan, ApporClick’s CEO stated that mobile is shifting the a trend of site to store, seeing a retail monster like Wal-Mart implement mobile marketing strategies positions them perfectly for retail distribution outlets for online buyers anywhere.

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