Tips For More Effective Mobile Marketing

Tips for More Effective Mobile Marketing


Mobile marketing essentially means the use of mobile devices like smart phones and tablets in order to deliver promotional and marketing messages to potential customers.  However, the same strategies do not work for every business.  Different companies will find that different strategies work effectively for them.

ApporClick helps you with customers promotions, discounts, and other hard-to-beat offers that can generate buzz about your product.  Incentives can be used to attract customers to your product.  Offer coupons that are not available to other regular customers.

One common mistake that people use while using mobile marketing techniques is to randomly text message customers, in the hope that a few of those text messages will penetrate the vast cloud of information that customers are exposed to a daily basis.  Far from being effective, such random, mass texting may actually be counterproductive, and may put a person off your product or service.

Don’t restrict your marketing strategies to merely giving customers a lot of information and incentives about your particular product.  Also use mobile marketing to give customers important information that has nothing to do with the product.  For instance, you could deliver weather alerts, traffic alerts, or other local information that provides some kind of benefit to potential customers.

Another major mistake that people make is to begin a mobile marketing campaign without any kind of strategy or goal in mind.  It’s important to know your audience and the potential customer base before you design a mobile marketing plan.  You need to have clear and established goals for the future.  For instance, your long-term goal may be to get new customers, or to convince existing customers to try out new products from the company.  These are two very different goals, and your campaign must be targeted to meet those goals.

Designing a mobile app that is relevant to your business is absolutely essential.  In these days of downloadable apps, there is no excuse for any business to not have apps that customers can use regularly to download information about future products, campaigns, offers and promotions.  An app makes your product part of customers’ daily lives.  You can boost brand recognition immensely through such techniques, also boosting sales in the process.  Investing in an app developer could be the best investment you ever made.

When you decide to develop an app make sure that it is easy to use.  It must be very convenient and very helpful to your customers.  No customer will bother downloading your app unless he believes that it is relevant or helpful to him.  Your app should also offer a map that will lead customers to your store, when they are in the neighborhood.

People are technically savvy now, much more so than ever before.  With so many people using smart phones, it’s relatively easy for a savvy mobile marketer to use QR codes to deepen interaction with a customer.  QR codes can be used by customers to connect to your website, read relevant product information, call the customer representative and take all kinds of other actions that can bring him closer to buying your product.

Make sure that your mobile marketing campaign is an integral part of part of all the marketing that you do.  You QR codes should be present in all of your print and advertising campaigns,

When it comes to marketing your product on a mobile device, ease-of-use is key.  The information should be easy to read, and easy to navigate, for it to be relevant to your customer.

Build a customer database that will be very beneficial to you in the future, by asking customers to text a code, or sign up online.  This information can easily be used to deliver promotional alerts, inform customers about discounts and send all kinds of other messages to your customer.  However, avoid spamming your customer excessively with too much information.  Ideally, you should be sending a promotional message out just about once a week, or less.  Daily alerts could put a potential customer off.

Be innovative in your marketing campaign.  The point is to go viral, so that customers forward your messages to their friends, and family members, leading to a flood of potential customers beating the path to your door.

In the rush to attract new customers to your product or service, do not forget old customers.  Offer discounts and incentives that are targeted towards old customers who have bought your product before, or have been using the product for a long time.  In fact, you may find that long-time customers may be much more inclined to downloading your app, and receiving text messages and promotional messages from you than new customers who do not know much about your company.

It is also important to track and monitor your competitors and their results using mobile marketing.

Monitor customer feedback about your mobile marketing, asking them about the kind of messages that they would like to receive the future.

Your website must be easily accessible on all kinds of mobile devices.  There’s no point in designing a smart-looking website that doesn’t show up easily on a Blackberry screen, or an iPhone screen.  It should also be able to open up on a tablet screen.  Users who find strange looking symbols or jumbled images on their screen are not likely to waste time deciphering these.

Be time-specific in your promotional campaign.  If you’re having a sale, make sure that customers know about it a few hours before the event.  This ensures that the information is fresh in their minds, increasing the chances that they will act on it and actually visit your store.