Take Customer Loyalty to the Next Level

Take Customer Loyalty to the Next Level

Businesses have never been strangers to the power of customer loyalty programs.  The only difference is that where earlier, companies were content with adding stamps and stickers on paper cards and using swipe cards, businesses now  target customers, and enrich customer loyalty programs with just a click of a smart phone button.

Every business needs to get used to the fact that smart phones and tablet computers have taken over our lives, and are here to stay.  This is how Americans are going to be shopping for products and services now, and in the foreseeable future.  Many local businesses have been able to take their business loyalty programs mobile, and that has made a major difference to these companies not just in the form of a boost in customer loyalty, but also increased sales.

According to a survey conducted recently, more than one in 4 customers admitted that they preferred to access loyalty programs on mobile devices.  Approximately 47% of the rewards program providers in the study admitted that they were in the process of developing a mobile development like an app, or were planning such an app.

There is no way that a retailer can ignore the mobile market.  In the US, mobile commerce is a burgeoning market that is expected to generate approximately $80 million in sales by the next 2 years alone.  Companies are using a number of ways in which to build customer loyalty.  For instance, some restaurants are encouraging customers to post pre-populated comments on Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare accounts.  Customers are rewarded with points for features like this to be redeemed on their next visit to the restaurant, and the restaurant gets its name out there.  Providing loyalty programs like this is a major feature of many customer brand loyalty and customer loyalty programs.

One of the more important app packages that ApporClick has found to be much in demand is an all-in-one loyalty package that is simple and convenient for customers to use.  ApporClick can help develop a customized cutting-edge app for your business that comes with a built-in virtual stamp card feature.  Your ApporClick app comes with an embedded QR code scanner, push notifications, GPS navigation features and many other features that are designed to take customer loyalty programs to the next level.

No business can afford to ignore existing customers.  One of the basic rules of any business is that it is much cheaper and cost-effective for you to retain an existing customer than it is to attract a new customer.  Mobile apps make it easier for you to retain your existing customers, and strengthen brand loyalty.

At ApporClick, we are on top of the latest trends in mobile and social technology, and have had many businesses go mobile and, as a result, enjoy greater customer loyalty.  We can do the same for your business.  Get in touch with us to speak to one of our marketing consultants about how you can start building customer loyalty with an app that is designed for your business.

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