Mobile Marketing in the Future

Mobile Marketing in the Future

In just a couple of years, mobile marketing has become one of the premier ways to attract new customers and retain existing customers.  What was once believed to be a fad, has firmly established itself as a must-implement strategy for any company, from a small business enterprise to a large retailer. According to ComScore there are over 100 million smartphone users in the US.

Recently at the CTIA 2013 Mobile Marketplace conference, a number of executives voiced their opinions about how they believe mobile marketing technologies will continue to grow in the years ahead.  One thing is clear, marketers are required now not only to adapt to smaller smartphone screens and a variety of programming languages and operating systems, but also to make these technologies much more simple to use, more convenient, and more consumer-centric.

Mobile marketing in the future is likely to offer much stronger consumer engagement, drawing consumers in different ways.  Over the next few years, mobile marketers expect to see companies engaging in more real-time interaction with consumers using mobile devices, further solidifying consumer relationships.  There’s also likely to be a lot of progress in the use of intelligence to determine how consumers use their mobile, and the use of this information to enhance convenience for users.

The use of mobile devices over the next few years is likely to grow from something that is currently restricted to marketing teams and corporations, to tools that the average consumer uses to gain access to basic services.  In other words, we are well on our way towards democratization of technology which sees more people using mobile devices to gain access to the Internet, shop for products and services, just in the way that the average American now uses the Internet to do so.


Companies that want to stay ahead with mobile marketing over the next decade must stay relevant in the features that they offer consumers, and make websites and apps as simple to use as possible.  Another growing trend in the future will be the use of consumer feedback to upgrade technology.  Consumer feedback will be critical to the development and successful use of mobile technology for promotions in the years ahead.


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