How to Win Customers and Influence Sales Using Mobile Marketing

How to Win Customers and Influence Sales Using Mobile Marketing

From online retailers to NASCAR, everyone is discovering the power of mobile marketing to attract new customers, help retain old customers and boost profits.  In fact, if you are a small business and do not yet have a mobile presence, you are at a distinct advantage.  It’s very likely that other companies in your business have already embarked on a mobile marketing campaign that makes it very easy for customers to contact them 24/7, without having to access the company website on a desktop, or without having to walk into the company store.

Mobile marketing is definitely the advertising mantra of the 21st century, and is here to stay.  With millions of Americans now connected to the net 24/7 on their smartphones and other electronic devices, companies now have a virtual pool of almost unlimited customers to target their promotional messages at  It makes no sense to sit by and hope to ride out this trend, because the trend isn’t going to die out.

Here is just why your business needs to go mobile.

By offering a mobile app, or by making your mobile website easily accessible on a mobile device like a smart phone or tablet, you make it easy to target customers, quickly and efficiently at minimal cost.

Rich Nodelman, Division President of ApporClick Mobile Marketing mentions, until now small business owners have felt that offering mobile apps was out of reach and only for large corporations, not any more. We provide a simple, turn-key solution that’s affordable and accessible to any size business. It is exciting to see how mobile is empowering the small business and its customer relationships like never before.

Now, with mobile marketing, there’s is no limit to how and when you can target your customers.  You can literally deliver promotional messages 24/7.

Not only that, you can also tailor your promotional messages depending on your target audience.  Mobile marketing helps you target only the kinds of customers that you want to reach out to – old customers, new customers, customers who have bought particular products from your site in the past.  There’s no limit to the way you can customize your promotions.

These are all kinds of promotional campaigns, discounts and offers that you can include in your mobile campaign.  Customers can be rewarded for referring other customers.  When customers are accessing your mobile app, it is very easy for them to share it with their friends, family members and lure them to visit your website.  Such customers can be rewarded.

Text message open rates are much higher than direct mail rates.  According to statistics, almost 97% of text messages are opened within the first few minutes of receiving the message.

With mobile marketing, you make it easy for customers to place orders, ask for information, and make decisions right where they are.  They don’t have to go back home to access your website on a desktop device, when you make your website accessible to them on their smartphones.

Because mobile marketing is relatively new, there is a very high chance that many other companies in your business have not yet hopped onto the mobile bandwagon.  That means an open market, endless opportunity and a strong advantage for you.

There is immense opportunity to be extremely creative in mobile marketing.  Your theme can be customized to fit into your website design, and there are all kinds of great option for businesses that want to make their mobile campaign an integral part of their overall promotional strategy.  Discuss more such creative options with ApporClick.

Mobile marketing also helps minimize the kind of negative feedback you get.  On a desktop computer, an unsatisfied customer is much more likely to leave a negative review on Yelp that can go viral.  On a mobile marketing platform, you’re the only one who gets to see the negative feedback, and can quickly do damage control before the complaint draws too many eyeballs.  Reputation can be everything in the online world, and mobile marketing helps you control much of your reputation.

A customer’s mobile app is definitely the way to go.  Investing in the design of an app may cost some amount of money initially, but the returns on investment are high.

The reach of mobile marketing is so immense that it is very likely that your business will spend less time on marketing in the future, and much more time opening up other income and revenue generation streams.

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