Google Maps Is Back On Your iPhone

iPhone Google MapsAfter a disastrous few weeks involving stranded drivers, lost pedestrians and general chaos, Apple decided to plug its own mapping tool, and offer Google Maps once again to its customers.  Needless to say, customers are more than delighted.

In September, Apple decided to remove the Google Maps app, instead offering users the choice of its own Apple Maps tool for the iPhone.  The company also offered upgrades of the tool for earlier models.

However, the new mapping tool was a disaster from the word go.  People, who used the app on their new iPhone, complained of wrong directions that in some cases, led them to entirely new areas and neighborhoods.  In fact, the Apple Maps tool was so far off the mark, that Australian police even called it “potentially life-threatening.”  Several Australian drivers allegedly ended up stranded in the wilderness after they followed wrong directions on the Apple Maps tool.

Marisabel Wolfinger, COO of ApporClick Mobile Marketing Solutions, a mobile app development company based in Orlando, FL stated that the mapping tool is a key feature in the mobile apps that we develop for our clients. “We are pleased that Apple made the switch back to Google maps as accuracy of this data is critical as businesses are trying to drive traffic to their stores and restaurant locations.” Wolfinger stated.

A barrage of complaints and criticism from around the world caused Apple to reconsider its position to stop offering Google Maps.  CEO Tim Cook was forced to issue an apology, and ask consumers to download Google Maps for free.

The app is now available, and Apple users wasted no time downloading it.  As soon as Google Maps became available, it quickly became the most downloaded free application in the App Store.

The new Google Maps app is enhanced, and offers 3-D-level street photography, as well as even more precise and detailed navigational instructions for users.  The app is going to be an especially welcome boon to those who use public transportation, with more detailed directions for public transit users.

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