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Gianna Miceli


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Gianna Miceli Celebrity App giannahome

Gianna wanted to create an app for her fans to communicate stay in touch with her, she has created functions like voice memo, a fan wall, and “G Cam” to allow her followers to send before and after pictures who follow her diet plan,  a direct link to her YouTube channel, additionally she is well known for her voice talent, an author, as well as appearances which she has created a booking tool, and event calendar.  Gianna is also taking advantage of mobile commerce by selling her book through her app.

About Giannia Miceli

Gianna is an author and frequent radio show guest on Sirius 101 Jay Thomas Show.  She recently published a book called Sexy and Fabulous Over 40.

Sexy and Fabulous Over 40 recounts her remarkable journey from the south side of Chicago to the best neighborhoods of Manhattan.

Ultimately, Sexy and Fabulous Over 40 is a compellingly written portrait of what willpower, the quest for knowledge, and how embracing uncertainty can deliver you to your destiny.  This book will teach you the right life skills and tools, so you too, can be Sexy and Fabulous Over 40.




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