What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is a way to communicate to customers through mobile devices such as smartphones, like iPhone, Android, as well as tablets like the iPad, and Kindle.  There are many forms of mobile marketing such as push notifications, sms text, location based services, QR codes, mobile websites, and mobile applications.  ApporClick are experts in the ultimate permission based marketing medium available today where customers opt in to engage with your business by downloading your business’ mobile app.

What is a mobile website?

Is a viewing experience specifically designed for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.   With mobile internet use nearly surpassing desktop internet usage mobile is an absolute must for small business.   Mobile websites typically have less content and more visual engagement as well as easy navigation for click to call, directions, and referral functions.   Primary function is customer acquisition.

What is Optimized Local Search™?

Optimized Local Search™ is a strategy that ApporClick has developed to help business maximize mobile design in 3 key areas – Optimized design, targeted local offers, and mobile SEO strategies.

What is a mobile app?

A mobile app is an application that is downloaded onto mobile devices typically from iTunes App Store,  Google Play, Windows App World, and Blackberry App World.  Mobile apps allow the user to engage with the native functions of the phone like camera, gps location, contacts, and calendar.  These are beneficial for business to create loyalty programs, grow their social media content, schedule events, create specials for loyal customers, and push notifications.

What is a HTML5 App?

HTML5 Apps are quite possibly the future of the web.  ApporClick creates HTML5 mobile sites that function like apps.  Although HTML5 apps do not have the full capabilities of a native app the experience for the end user is very positive and increases customer acquisition.

Is a mobile app right for my business?

It really comes down to your mobile strategy at a minimum we recommend a mobile website to start if you do not have any mobile marketing in place.  If you have the basics down a mobile app can help your business in many ways.  For local business active users are more important than downloads.  We are experts are helping business put a strategy in place to drive continued usage by helping you engage your customers and creating value.

Should mobile be part of my marketing plan?

Absolutely, we strongly believe that mobile should part of every company’s marketing plan.   It is the most affordable and targeted marketing you can invest in.  Once you understand the importance of mobile marketing and specifically how a mobile site and mobile app can benefit your business you will agree.  Mobile website will support the customer looking for your business and purchase, while a mobile app will maintain that relationship with the customer after they have become your customer.  To perfect your mobile marketing plan takes an understanding the needs of local engagement and how important loyalty is for a business owner.  Mobile marketing in general allows you to be with your customers everywhere their phone is.   A mobile app for your business can separate you from your competition by meeting your customers needs and interacting with them on a very personal level.

What type of business can benefit from a mobile app?

Any business can benefit from a mobile app.   We see the most success coming from our clients who have a complete mobile marketing solution maximizing their mobile website and native app development, taking a two step process mobile web being customer acquisition and mobile app for customer loyalty.  Some of the industries that we specialize in are restaurants, nightclubs, accountants, gyms, trainers, golf courses, celebrities, actors, insurance agents, realtors, golf courses, musicians, bands

Does Mobile work well with Social media efforts?

Yes extremely well.   Some stats show that over 85% of social interactions happen from a mobile device.  Our clients have seen strong growth in Facebook likes, Twitter followers, and more importantly better engagement from customers that download a companies app tend to more active from social engagement which can lead to referrals to your business.

How long is the development process for creating an app?

Typically 2-3 weeks depending on our clients needs and the customization and features required to make their mobile marketing strategy a success.  If there is an urgent need discuss with your Account Executive in some cases we have delivered solutions in less than a week.

Will my app be on Google Play and iTunes?

Yes if your solution includes a native app your app will be on Google Play as well as iTunes, although Apple has very strict guidelines we work very closely with you to make sure those guidelines are met.  Getting on Google Play typically take 3-5 business days after your app is completed.   iTunes can take up to 3-4 weeks.

Will my app developed through ApporClick be cross platform compatible?

We focus our development on Apple and Android platforms, however, we are compatible across other platforms with our HTML5 app.  With the addition of Windows phone we are working toward adding this to our portfolio for our clients.