Expand Your Business Using QR Codes

Expand Your Business Using QR Codes   apporclick qr code

QR codes are the latest mantra in business marketing.  If you’ve been wondering how these codes can help you expand your marketing campaign reach out to new consumers, you need to first know what these codes are.

QR code stands for Quick Response code, which is basically a two-dimensional barcode.  QR codes can contain a lot more important information than your one-dimensional barcode can. All you need to do to read a QR code is to use your smartphone to scan the code.  Your smartphone must have a barcode scanner app to do this.

QR codes can be used to link consumers to the URL you desire, including your landing page or your social media website.  Once a potential consumer has come across your QR code, and scanned the QR code using his smartphone, he’s able to access your mobile website, your social media page and other URLs.

How does inserting QR codes into all of your public marketing materials help your campaign?  You can link potential consumers who have scanned your QR Code to potentially important information including product images and videos, mobile coupons or landing pages that induce consumers to buy your product.  You can even track how much traffic a particular product receives via print advertisements by assigning specific URLs to QR codes in print advertisements

QR codes are like a business card that includes all your personal information, including your business name, website URL, blogs, and social media properties.  All a customer has to do to add you to his Contacts is to scan your QR code.

A QR code can help connect customers to all your social media properties, including your LinkedIn and Facebook pages and your Twitter account.  Customers can access these accounts by scanning the QR code on your print advertisements, flyers, and direct mail.  You can even add your QR code to your e-mail signature.

Many companies are now adding QR codes to their product packaging to help link customers to their favorite products.  Your QR codes can also be linked to Customer Service phone numbers, and other related information.

You can also customize the QR code to tie in with specific events or services.  Say, for instance, your company is planning a sale or is launching a promotional event like a rock concert in order to promote a product.  Your QR code in advertisements and flyers can link to a Google map, and an RSVP page that customers need to attend the event.

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