ApporClick Launches New Product – Custom Mobile Websites with Optimized Local Search™


It’s no secret – brands and businesses that have mobile websites and apps are a step or two ahead of the game, said Rich Nodelman, ApporClick, Division President.  He added “It goes beyond just having a mobile view. Similar to traditional websites, mobile sites also need to be designed and optimized properly to perform to their full potential.”

Optimized Local Search™ focuses on defined media queries, user experience, as well as a client editing tool to put the power of mobile messaging in the hands of the business.  

Let’s face it, typically, a mobile user is not using their phone to search the web, they are looking for a specific service or product and want to do it quickly and seamlessly. Therefore, it’s important that a mobile website is an extension of a business. It needs to reflect an image and branding efforts – the same as a desktop site. As businesses look to go mobile, it’s important that they partner with a company that understands the specifics of mobile marketing. ApporClick knows that mobile users have different needs and goals when searching on their phones. They know that to be effective, it’s not just about minimizing the desktop, it’s about the features and functions that make up the search experience.

Bill Heneghan, founder of ApporClick stated, “that mobile searches have gone up significantly over the past few years and today nearly 60% of mobile searches are done on a local level.  Our target client is the small business and although we are growing very quickly by providing them mobile apps we saw a huge need in creating a customized mobile website, Optimized Local Search™ is a strategy that our team has developed to make the search experience exceptional for the end user, our team is very excited to be making such an impact on local businesses that help give them competitive advantages.”

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