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IllConduct Harley Davidson Stunt Team

IllConduct Stunt Team IllConduct’s app is the ultimate fan engagement, with contests, sick videos, event schedules, exclusive merchandise, they left nothing to spare if you want to personal get to know the IllConduct Team.  Look for them in 2013 they are on the move. ILLConduct has one mission: Push motorcycle stunt riding to new limits and promote the sport/industry and their … [Continue reading]

How to Win Customers and Influence Sales Using Mobile Marketing

How to Win Customers and Influence Sales Using Mobile Marketing From online retailers to NASCAR, everyone is discovering the power of mobile marketing to attract new customers, help retain old customers and boost profits.  In fact, if you are a small business and do not yet have a mobile presence, you are at a distinct advantage.  It’s very likely that … [Continue reading]

Take Customer Loyalty to the Next Level

Take Customer Loyalty to the Next Level Businesses have never been strangers to the power of customer loyalty programs.  The only difference is that where earlier, companies were content with adding stamps and stickers on paper cards and using swipe cards, businesses now  target customers, and enrich customer loyalty programs with just a click of a smart phone button. Every … [Continue reading]

Yellow Dog Eats

Yellow Dog Eat’s Restaurant App   About the Dog Yellow Dog Eat’s is in beautiful downtown Gotha is in the National Historic register and they aspire to a time when this great country was populated by stores that reflected the unique character of their many owners and provided a truly personal experience. Their menu consists of  sandwiches, salads, bar be … [Continue reading]

Gianna Miceli

Gianna Miceli Celebrity App  Gianna wanted to create an app for her fans to communicate stay in touch with her, she has created functions like voice memo, a fan wall, and “G Cam” to allow her followers to send before and after pictures who follow her diet plan,  a direct link to her YouTube channel, additionally she is well known … [Continue reading]

Mobile Drives Facebook’s Astounding Success

Mobile Drives Facebook’s Astounding Success It’s official.  Facebook has confirmed that revenues from its mobile apps are boosting the company’s profits, accounting for a greater share of Facebook’s revenues than before. Also, for the first time, Facebook’s mobile users are now greater in number than those using the social networking site on their computers. According to Facebook, mobile-related products and services … [Continue reading]